Birdsong At Morning Releases 2nd CD

On Blue Gentian Records

Each song on Heavens contains some variation on a celestial theme. The lead-off track "Astronomy," explores the idea of peering into the universe as a day job. In "Light In The Window" the narrator sees himself in a vanishing star. "Clean" describes the sky-is-falling trauma of a man in crisis. The gorgeous "Adrift," evokes the beauty and calm terror of losing oneself 'out beyond the stars.' "Mystery," celebrates the elusive, from space to God. Heavens concludes with a delicate casting of the Rolling Stones' "Moonlight Mile."

Heavens, the second release from acoustic music ensemble Birdsong At Morning, was made with many of the same musicians who contributed to their debut CD, Bound. It expands upon that sound and sentiment and the success of tracks "Prodigal Soul" and "Those Beautiful Words" at non-commercial AAA.