NEW RELEASE! A Slight Departure Blu-ray/CD Expanded Edition

Release Date: August 26, 2016
Exclusive Website Pre-release Date: July 22, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the release of an expanded edition of A Slight Departure as a 2-disc Blu-ray/CD package. The Blu-ray features the entire album in high resolution 5.1 surround, as well as high resolution stereo, instrumental versions in high resolution stereo, music videos, and behind the scenes interviews, in addition to the standard CD released last year.

This expanded edition is set for release on Aug. 26, 2016, but friends and fans can get a jump on the rest of the world by ordering copies exclusively through our website.

Making the world safe for easy listening (or something like that)

We got a nice review on an Italian music blog (including being selected as a featured album of the month).

The only trouble is that it's in Italian. If anyone wants to provide a real (not Internet robotic) translation, please send it along!

And while we're at it, let's thank a few more radio stations giving us some airtime:

WRUW – Cleveland, OH | FTCU – Fort Worth, TX | WCVF – Fredonia, NY

Expanding the Radio Migration Pattern

More stations putting our music on the air:

WAWL – Chattanooga, TN   |   KRVM – Eugene, OR   |   KAFM – Grand Junction, CO

KWCW – Walla Walla, WA

Please let these folks know you appreciate hearing our music on their programs. And don't forget all the other stations we have previously posted on this page...

And on another note, as of this morning the video for "Never To Part" has surpassed 1,000 views. Thanks for all the clicks, and please continue to share the link with anyone you know, would like to know, pass on the street...

This week in radioland...


A Slight Departure continues to expand it's range over the airwaves. Please support these stations and let them know you appreciate hearing us on their programming. Here are the stations that have begun playing us this week:

KNBA – Anchorage, AK  |  KHNS – Haines, AK  |  KKFI – Kansas City, MO

WUML – Lowell, MA  |  KRCB – Rohnert Park, CA  | KYRS – Spokane, WA

CILU – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


And here are the stations that have been showing us some love since the album's release:

WRNC – Ashland, WI    |    WHFC – Baltimore, MD |    WUVT – Blacksburg, VA

WEFT – Champaign, IL |    WHFR – Dearborn, MI |    WERU – East Orland, ME

KTUH – Honolulu, HI |    KPFT – Houston, TX |    KUCI – Irvine, CA

WMKY – Lexington, KY |    KZMU – Moab, UT |    WCNI – New London, CT

KAOS – Olympia, WA |    KVNF – Paonia, CO |    KZYX – Philo, CA

WVIA – Pittston, PA |    WOMR – Provincetown, MA |    WHUS – Storrs, CT

WMNF – Tampa, FL |    WNMC – Traverse City, MI |    KCSS – Turlock, CA

WRRW – Williamsburg, VA

Birds on the Wireless

The list of stations playing songs from A Slight Departure continues to grow! If your local station is on this list,  contact them to thank them for playing the music, and request more! If your local public or college radio station isn't on this list, please let them know you want to hear some Birdsong At Morning...

WRNC – Ashland, WI    |    WHFC – Baltimore, MD   |    WUVT – Blacksburg, VA

WEFT – Champaign, IL   |    WHFR – Dearborn, MI   |    WERU – East Orland, ME

KTUH – Honolulu, HI   |    KPFT – Houston, TX   |    KUCI – Irvine, CA

WMKY – Lexington, KY   |    KZMU – Moab, UT   |    WCNI – New London, CT

KAOS – Olympia, WA   |    KVNF – Paonia, CO   |    KZYX – Philo, CA

WVIA – Pittston, PA   |    WOMR – Provincetown, MA   |    WHUS – Storrs, CT

WMNF – Tampa, FL   |    WNMC – Traverse City, MI   |    KCSS – Turlock, CA

WRRW – Williamsburg, VA

"DEPARTURE" Leaves the Gate, and Goes on the Air!

July 21 marked the release of A Slight Departure, and already the response is tremendous! The band wants to thank everyone that has shared with friends, downloaded songs, or purchased the CD.

The album is now being serviced to hundreds of public and college radio stations. Here are a few that have officially added us to their playlists:

WMNF, Tampa, FL   |   WVIA, Pittson, PA   |   WMKY, Lexington, KY   |   WERU, East Orland, ME   |   WRRW, Williamsburg, VA.  

If your local station isn't listed above, drop them a line and request us. They have the CD somewhere in the building...