Birdsong At Morning – Annals of My Glass House – Box Set


Birdsong At Morning – Annals of My Glass House – Box Set

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Release Date: February 15, 2011
Deluxe box set including four CDs, a full length concert DVD, and a gorgeous 48 page book with lyrics, images and essays.
Track Listing:

  1. Those Beautiful Words (Bound)

  2. Prodigal Soul (Bound)

  3. Wishful Thinking (Bound)

  4. Roses (Bound)

  5. Broken Silences (Bound)

  6. Dreaming (Bound)

  7. Astronomy (Heavens)

  8. Light In The Window (Heavens)

  9. Clean (Heavens)

  10. Adrift (Heavens)

  11. Mystery (Heavens)

  12. Moonlight Mile (Heavens)

  13. Numbered Days (Vigil)

  14. Softly, Like An Amen (Vigil)

  15. Matte Kudasai (Vigil)

  16. The Heart That Failed (Vigil)

  17. So Near (Vigil)

  18. Au Revoir (Vigil)

  19. Velvet Indigo (Lumens)

  20. Can't Help Myself (Lumens)

  21. Heartland (Lumens)

  22. Never Make Me Cry (Lumens)

  23. Light (Lumens)

  24. Morning Glory (Lumens)

  25. Catch Me (Lumens)

DVD - Sanctuary - Full length concert film of performance celebrating the release of Annals of My Glass House. Filmed on March 18, 2011 at the First Church of Cambridge, Cambridge, MA. with expanded version of the band featuring:

Alan Williams - vocals and guitar, Greg Porter - bass and vocals, Darleen Wilson - guitar and vocals, Ben Wittman - drums, Jerry Leake - percussion, John McGann - mandolin and guitar, Marissa Licata - violin, Stephanie Skor - violin, Helen Sherrah-Davies - 5-string violin, Javier Cabellero - cello