"Art Music Both unpretentious and ravishing." - Boston Herald.  (Picture of the empty bench in the snow.)  |  Photo: Coleman Rogers

"Annals of My Glass House, a sprawling collection of poignant beauty delivered through Williams’ keenly poetic eye” –BMI MusicWorld

"A remarkable convergence of lush, patient music and intriguing poeticism performed with conviction and grace" –Songwriter's Monthly

"An exquisite presentation of dreamy songs, elegant production work all performed and presented with a huge touch of class" –The TMR Zoo

“Simple and direct, carrying with it the breadth and depth of the kind of observation only an acute student of the world around him can deliver." –BMI MusicWorld

"A folksy yet sophisticated chamber-pop sound... The trio crafts songs that are deceptively straightforward but rich with atmosphere and unexpected chord changes." –Metromix Atlanta

"Pure, delicate splendor" –The Springfield Republican